Historical villages

A “great day out” by train to discover the countryside and the treasures of the Beira Baixa historical villages.

I have been «here before with my parents and grandparents and want to go back again. We agreed I would go there with my friends and family.
Put on your sunglasses and get the train towards Vila Velha de Ródão. Get ready for a spectacular journey that crosses the country almost from one side to the other, following the river Tagus as a companion across plains, valleys and mountains.
As soon as we disembark, there is a great welcome reception and then we leave to discover nature and see the birds on a boat trip. I'll leave the details to share with you later. But it is going to be a wonderful afternoon …! Visiting the historical villages is the best!
Come on! Jump on this adventure!

Where: Historical villages of the Beira Baixa region. Idanha-a-Velha and Monsanto.

When: Saturdays all year round.
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