By train and boat on the Tagus River

Do you know who the river fishermen are?

The fishermen on the river Tagus are called 'avieiros'. In the old days, these fishermen came from Vieira de Leiria every winter when the ocean was too rough and dangerous for fishing. They would build wooden houses on stilts suspended over the water to provide shelter. 

Come with your parents or teachers and spend a different kind of day out, rich in learning and beautiful scenery. The river fishermen's circuit is really appetising for a day with the family or with your teachers and school friends.

Travelling by train and by boat, this trip on the river Tag will let you see the island of the herons he swallows fishing eagles, bee eaters and other species of birds up close, along with the beautiful Lusitano horses. 

When: Daily, between March and October.

Where: Ribatejo. Reguengo station with a bus ride to Valada do Ribatejo. 

CP Special Offers: Comboio Regional and InterRegional, associated to the two programmes the circuit offers. Note that one of the circuits is aimed specifically at schools.
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