Do you know about the CP App?

Travelling by train has never been easier or more convenient. One click and you are in the CP universe.

Cool!!! CP is always surprising us, it is always at the cutting edge of technology.
My Dad told me that this free App for smartphones is really good because it lets you buy Alfa Pendular and Intercidades tickets and even add-on journeys on Regional, InterRegional, Oporto and Coimbra urban trains. You can choose your seat, look up all the timetables, see where the nearest station is to where you are and much more. 
And it is thanks to the CP App that yesterday, at my grandparents' house I managed to convince them to buy a journey for all of us there and then. Granddad was so excited!

See all about the CP APP here.

Where: Anywhere with a wireless network.

When: Morning, afternoon or night any day of the week or month.

CP Special Offers: All the discounts are just a click away.