Luggage transport

Rules for taking luggage on our trains.

Passengers are allowed to carry hand luggage for personal use free on CP trains, except for dangerous materials and  objects, so long as they do not disturb other passengers or damage the carriages and can fit in the luggage racks or under your seat. 

The transport and safekeeping of luggage and goods are passengers' full responsibility.

Further details of rules for transporting bicycles and scooters.

Each passenger can carry one piece of luggage, not including laptop bags, handbags etc. The possibility of carrying more items depends on the available space and on the Alfa Pendular and Intercidades trains this will be considered excess baggage and a surcharge will be levied as shown in the price list. The transport of disassembled and packed bicycles and scooters is permitted. 

Each passenger can carry up to three pieces of luggage, so long as the biggest does not exceed 85x55x35 cm and they can fit into the luggage storage racks. Each piece of luggage must have a label with the owner's name and address clearly written on it.

The transport of dismantled and packed bicycles and scooters is also permitted.