Senhora da Agonia Pilgrimage

Go to Viana do Castelo by train from August 18 to 20, for the greatest pilgrimage of the year.

This pilgrimage in Viana do Castelo has been going on for about 200 years and attracts people with its tradition, culture, cuisine and folklore. There is lots to see and do with music and live entertainment.

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CP Services: Regional and InterRegional

Come to Viana do Castelo by train and begin the festivities on the journey.

The station is just a few minutes’ walk from the town centre and close to all the festivities.

Special Trains Timetable

  • August 18th and 19th

Nine 13h58 > Viana do Castelo 14h56

  • August 19th  

Viana do Castelo 01h15 > Nine 02h13

  • August 20th

Viana do Castelo 01h15 > Oporto Campanhã 02h50

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