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The Estarreja Carnival, one of the oldest in the country, brings a great carnival spectacle, with a parade of 13 revelry groups, catwalks and samba schools.

Organised by Estarreja Town Hall in partnership with the Estarreja Carnival Association, the big party starts on 3 February and ends 10 days later, on 13 February. The programme is divided into two main areas: Antuã Park, renamed Sítio do Carnaval, where the parades take place; and Praça Francisco Barbosa - Espaço Folia, where the party continues. In the Night Parade, the Samba Schools present their storylines, with rich costumes, choreography, melodies and floats.

Find all the information about the Estarreja Carnival here.

How to get there

Estarreja train station is close to the entertainment venues.

Special train timetable
Porto São Bento > Aveiro

13 February

Estarreja 03:41 > Aveiro 03:57

Estarreja 04:41 > Aveiro 04:57

Estarreja 05:41 > Aveiro 05:57

Estarreja 06:21 > Aveiro 06:37

Aveiro> Porto São Bento

12 February

Aveiro 22:57 > Estarreja 23:10

13 February

Aveiro 00:42 > Estarreja 00:55


See all the regular and special timetables here.

In the 1980s, a group of revellers from Famalicão started the Famalicão Carnival and since then it has continued to grow, becoming a national phenomenon.

Whole families, groups of friends, more or less organised teams invade the city in a contagious movement of joy and revelry. The bars and cafés open their doors and join the party with their DJs offering music to the revellers into the early hours of the morning.

From 11 to 13 February, Famalicão is the scene of Carnival festivities and revelry.

See all the information about the Famalicão Carnival here.

How to get there

Famalicão train station is close to the entertainment venues.

Special train timetable
Porto São Bento > Braga

13 February

Porto São Bento> Braga

Famalicão 04:00 > Braga 04:30

Famalicão 05:12 > Braga 05:42

Famalicão 05:30 > Braga 06:00

Famalicão 06:43 > Braga 07:13


Braga > Porto São Bento

13 February

Braga 00:30 > Famalicão 01:00

Famalicão 03:08 > Porto São Bento 03:45

Famalicão 06:18 > Porto São Bento 06:55


See all the regular and special timetables here.

The Torres Vedras Carnival is one of the largest carnival events in Portugal, based on social and performative manifestations that are an integral part of the region's cultural heritage.

he carnival culture of the event has been passed down and recreated from generation to generation, regardless of geographical origin, gender or age.

The Torres Vedras Carnival reveals typically urban characteristics whose origins stem from a republican local elite and an emerging commercial and industrial social group, which at the beginning of the 20th century introduced the corso, floats, flower battles and the Carnival Kings.

In 2023 it celebrated its centenary and the celebrations, which began in February of that year, ended on 14 February.

See all the information about the Torres Vedras Carnival here.

How to get there

The city is served by Torres Vedras Station, on the Oeste Line.

Check all the timetables here, with more seats available on the Regional service.

Porto Urban Trains

A €3 return ticket, valid on 11, 12 and 13 February, for journeys from any station on the Comboios Urbanos do Porto network to Famalicão, Ovar and Estarreja.

Promotional ticket available at the box office until 10 February.

It is non-refundable and exchanges are permitted under the conditions laid down in the regulations for normal tickets.

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