World Heritage Circuits – Tomar

A window to the World…

The infamous Window of the Chapter House (Janela do Capítulo), embellished with carved stone as if it was lace.

The Knights Templar Castle (Castelo Templário) and the Convent of the Knights of Christ in Tomar (Convento dos Cavaleiros de Cristo de Tomar) was considered World Heritage by UNESCO in 1983, “opening” the Window of the Chapter House (Janela do Capítulo) to the world.

The Castle, founded by the Knights Templar on the 12th century over a roman place of worship, would have become the beginning of the construction of a broad monument complex of undeniable architectural splendour, still preserved nowadays. The place’s history intertwines times and artistic languages from Romanesque to Goth, Manueline, Renaissance, and Baroque…

To visit the town of Tomar is to travel centuries into Portugal’s history. Is to enjoy the city’s beauty where the river Nabão runs, with a quaint historic centre, narrow streets and delicate gardens. 

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