World Heritage Circuits – Sintra

“Sintra is the only place in the country in which History has become a garden”

Wrote Vergílio Ferreira.

“Everything in Sintra is divine. There is no corner that is not a poem” – wrote Eça de Queiroz.

Many other Portuguese and international writers wrote about this beauty place in their own unique way. Hans Christian Andersen once wrote: “The way up to the top of the hill is a garden where nature and art complement each other wonderfully. It’s the most beautiful walk imaginable.”

Sintra stays in the memory of those who visit it, due to its charm, romantic style of its palaces, unique beauty of its gardens, colours and sounds.

In 1995, UNESCO elected the Cultural Landscape of Sintra as World Heritage, emphasising the universal value of this pioneer landscape in Romantic landscaping, blazing the trail for this new way of thinking in other places in Europe.

Set your senses free and let yourself be guided by the place’s beauty…. Take the train and get on board!