On the train with music in the soul

Music has always conquered us…but now we are inseparable!

I often say that I consume music like I consume food. 

I can't get through the day without my dose of music. Nothing makes sense otherwise.

Of course when the summer arrives, I am a great fan of the Festivals! I love them! Whether it's a festival with performers whose lyrics I know by heart or ones I have never heard of before, but I enjoy hearing their music for the first time! Unfortunately I can't get to more than two of them because, apart from buying the admission tickets, as I am not from Lisbon I always come by car and this always makes me spend more than I should. However, this year, was different. I decided to dig into all the offers and discovered that CP have various discounts that make my trips to the festivals much easier and even the other music events that take place through out the year! So I can say that I broke a record!

This year I creamed my lungs out to the music of “Queen” at Rock in Rio, I remembered beautiful summer afternoons with “Radiohead” at NOS Alive, I danced to the sound of “Disclosure” at Super Bock Super Rock, I went to Vila Nova de Gaia to hear “James Bay” at MEO Marés Vivas and I even got my mother at the top of her voice and in tears, with “Seal” at EDP Cool Jazz! It was amazing! Everything by train! Incredible, right? I was also surprised at the flexibility there was in travelling by train. Apart from being (really) much cheaper! I also managed to make the most and stay right until the end of each festival without having to worry about anything else, because there were almost always special trains at the end of the concerts and discounts for everyone who bought the tickets in advance! I didn't even have to worry about parking and I am “as fee as a bird” to have fun! Now my only concerns are getting a good place to watch the concerts and enjoy them to the full! Does it get any better? I don't think so! No-one can stop me now! It seems that CP and I are going to be “music buddies” for a lot longer

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