Sintra every day

There is just a line separating the charms of Sintra and the beauty of Lisbon.

I have always lived in Sintra. Ever since I was little, I have lost myself in the charms of this town that refuses to be called a city. At the weekends I get the kids and we go exploring the best that the town has to offer us. A walk through the gardens of the Pena National Palace, breathing in the pure air and having afternoon tea at one of the famous pastry shops.

During the week I live between my home town and Lisbon. I climb aboard this journey that takes me to work every day, comfortably and with my children. We arrive at our destination. Natural light illuminates the interior of Rossio station and makes me believe that Lisbon is welcoming me.

After leaving the kids at school I head for the office. I know that if I arrive earlier I can pop over to the gym at the end of the afternoon!

During my lunch break I never tire of observing the life there is in down town Lisbon. I find bits of my history in the Portuguese cobble pavements, in the buildings that have survived down through the years and the smell of the sea breeze. And only after enjoying a coffee beside the river Tagus and fall in love with the view do I return to work.

The day flies past. It's 6 p.m. And I am on my way to the station. I pass among people and without having to wait much I start my journey! With a CP Monthly Pass I don't waste any time, I just have to remember to pay the pass once a month. An advantage I notice in my time and my pocket.

I get of at Benfica and pop into the gym and make the most of this time for myself.  

It's time to go home. The journey to Sintra is going to feel better now. I sit down and relax and make the most of this time to catch up on some reading.

I arrive at my destination. You notice the cold autumn evenings in Sintra now and it makes me want to get home all the quicker.

I like to end the day knowing I have made the most of my time. There is just a line separating the charms of Sintra and the beauty of Lisbon, and I make the most of what these places have to offer me.

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