A journey headed to Setúbal

A charming option – for a duo or for a family.

One could consider the city of Setúbal to be a gargantuan Art Gallery running an ever-permanent exhibition; where the creativity of every each painting belongs to each visitor, vast colour pallets – odd as a whole. Mountain greens and browns seep into the sea blues, creating exquisite cut-outs and textures.

“Create” your painting and go on an adventure:
By train to the city centre. Visit art galleries, churches, old alleyways, picturesque squares, without forgetting St. Philip’s Fortress. Pay close attention to the stories surrounding each place.
Dive in the beaches’ blue hues or let yourself be surprised by the green and brown flora on a walk through the mountain.
Perfect – just perfect! A scenic pause… Indulge in some good wine in Palmela or an amazing pie or cheese in Azeitão.

Still not convinced? There is so much more to discover! Get on board!