Travels in my Homeland by train

A window seat by Luis Filipe Lima Barbosa.

Whenever I travel by train, I like to sit at the window.

During the journeys I get my camera and film some moments.

Well actually, that is what I do wherever I go.

When I book my ticket on the Internet, I always choose a window seat.

When my ticket is not for a window seat, I sit by the window anyway.

I get distracted by each breath of nature and every silence is worth talking about, or at least thinking about.

But every time the train comes to a stop, I wake to the noise of the city that makes me anxious. I look at who gets off and who gets on, hoping nobody is going to want my place.

Uhm… There is always someone. Someone who, as soon as they see me, immediately take out their ticket and say:

That's my seat!” pointing with their finger. Very politely, I pick up my stuff and relinquish the seat.

I remain paralysed for a few moments, but the train doesn't wait and it starts moving again. Then I look for a new seat, wandering from carriage to carriage, being moved on with every stop, but always looking for a window seat.

Edited video with images from the author.