World Heritage Circuits – Oporto

Go by train and visit the city that inspired Portugal’s name.

There are numerous reasons to visit Oporto, whose Historical Centre was considered World Heritage by UNESCO in 1996. It is one of the most visited places of the city, with several stores, squares and historical buildings, evidence of the past.

The city has its origins in a Celtic, Pre-Roman settlement. During the Roman Period it was called Cale or Portus Cale, later to become the capital of the “Portucalense” County, where Portugal and its name were founded.

It is known worldwide for its wine: Port Wine. A nectar providing so many moments of pleasure to its lovers, scattered all over the globe.

“Exudes” scenic charm. An attractive city. A must!

Get on board of one of our trains and visit Oporto - One city you mustn't miss