If you've finished 12th grade, come on! Here's a unique opportunity to travel around Portugal.

CP, in partnership with Movijovem, presents the ANDA Conhecer Portugal programme.

This programme allows young people who finish or have finished 12th grade between 2023 and 2025 to get to know Portugal through Youth Hostels and train journeys.

Young people can travel freely for 7 days with unlimited train travel and sleep for 6 nights in the network of Youth Hostels with ANDA Conhecer Portugal From 8 January 2024,.

Register now on the ANDA Conhecer Portugal website.


CP Services: Intercidades | Regional and InterRegional | Lisbon urban trains | Porto urban trains | Coimbra urban trains

The programme is aimed at students living in Portugal, regardless of age, who have completed or will complete secondary education in the academic years 2022/2023, 2023/2024 and 2024/2025, and who register on the "Anda Conhecer Portugal" platform, developed by Movijovem.

After completing secondary education, the beneficiaries have the following deadlines to enjoy their stay in the hostels and travel on the CP:

  • those who finished in the 2022/2023 school year - have between 8 January 2024 and 8 January 2025;
  • those finishing in 2024 - have between 5 July 2024 and 4 July 2025;
  • those ending in 2025 - have between 5 July 2025 and 4 July 2026.

After registering on the platform, they get

  •  6 nights' accommodation in the network of Youth Hostels managed by Movijovem;
  •  A voucher* for 7 days of unlimited travel on CP.

The benefit can only be used once and cannot be shared.

*The voucher and journeys cannot be exchanged or refunded.

Participants must wait at least 2 days to exchange the voucher at the CP ticket offices, and must shoe:

  • Voucher issued on the Anda Conhecer Portugal platform, in digital or paper format;
  • Declaration proving completion of secondary education, in digital format or on paper;
  • Official identification document.

The voucher can be exchanged at CP ticket offices, free of charge, for a Navegante Card loaded with an authorisation for requesting CP journeys. The passenger must state which CP services they will be using and the first day of validity of the ANDA/trips. This Navegante Card does not serve as a transport ticket, but as a justification for issuing CP tickets.

Intercidades (2nd class), Interregional (2nd class), Regional, and Lisbon, Coimbra and Porto urban trains can be used.

Book in advance and confirm the availability of your accommodation at the Youth Hostels by calling 707 233 233,;