Almond blossom circuit

Discover a vast Douro region on our trains with a great view of the almond trees.

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A magnificent journey that crosses a vast Douro region up to Pocinho, where the green landscape is punctuated by the colourful almond trees, in a journey through history, local traditions, and a visit to the Côa Museum.
Here here we a suggest a trip on the Almond Tree Route.

Note: As soon as possible we will publish information about the next edition.

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  • Departure from Porto São Bento at 7:20 am in a special coach on InterRegional 861 (identified on the ticket as 20861, because there are dedicated seats and coaches);
  • Arrival at Pocinho at 10:45 where there will be buses to go to the Côa Museum;
  • Guided visit of the Museum lasting about 90 minutes;
  • Bus transfer from the Museum to the centre of Foz Côa
  • Lunch time in the centre of Foz Côa - lasting about 2 hours;
  • After lunch, a walk to the almond trees in blossom, with a guide;
  • Return to Pocinho Station by 5:00 p.m;
  • Departure on the InterRegional 876 at 17:14 and arrival at Porto São Bento at 20:30

Includes: journey on a special train, transfers, snacks on board and admission to the Côa Museum.

Note: prices in euros, VAT included.




Child (4-12 inclusive)


Child (4-12 inclusive)

1ª class






  • Lunch is not included;
  • Seat reservation is required;
  • Buses do not have assigned seats;
  • These tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded.
  • Note: The tickets issued for this trip will have the train number 20861, which will follow the InterRegional 861 on the outward journey and 876 on the return journey.

* Information and reservations (groups of 10 or more people): contacts from

  • Saturdays: 25 February and 4, 11 and 18 March;
  • Sundays: 26 February and 5 and 12 March

Outward: Departure from Porto São Bento at 7:20 am and arrival at Pocinho at 10:45 am.
Return: Departure from Pocinho at 17:14 and arrival at Porto S. Bento at 20:30.

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  • Group information and bookings : (groups of 10 or more people).