Veteran passes

Combat veterans are exempt from paying for passes

Under the measures defined under the Veterans' Statute, passes on public transports are free of charge for all veterans who hold the ex-combatants card and the widow and widower of an ex-veteran.

These passes are loaded into the Navegante card for Lisbon metropolitan area, the Andante card for the Porto metropolitan area or the CP card for the remaining Intermunicipal Communities, according to the type of pass desired. The applicant only pays for the cost of the card.

These passes are valid for 12 months and must be renewed annually with the presentation of documentation.

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  • Special form for each type of card required for the Veteran's Pass;
  • Identification documents (Civil and Tax);
  • The Veteran's card or the Former Veteran's widow(er) card;
  • The tax domicile certificate issued by the Tax Authority.

There are three types of pass in the Lisbon and Porto Metropolitan Areas according to the beneficiary's age or preference:

  • Metropolitan Navegante Pass or Metropolitan Andante, aged over 65 - free;
  • Pass Navegante Municipal or Andante Municipal, under 65 years old - free, for the municipality of fiscal residence;
  • Metropolitan Navegante or Andante Metropolitano passes, under 65 years old - €10,00.

CP Passes- Regional, Coimbra and Porto Urban trains- free of charge up to a maximum of 32 km from the station serving the customer's place of residence. If the beneficiary wants a higher value ticket, they have to pay the difference.

Asking for and loading passes onto a Navegante Card

Benefit request (form):

Veterans aged + 65 and holders of a valid Lisboa Viva or Navegante card, must go to the Customer Support Offices in Cais do Sodré or Rossio with the respective documents, to change their profile;
Veterans aged 65 or over must request a new card at any CP ticket office, delivering the requisition and respective documents.
The monthly passes for veterans are available at any CP ticket office.

See the submission and sales points (top-up).

Rossio and Cais do Sodré Customer Support Offices' opening hours:

Working days - from 8:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 16:45.
Ticket office times: Azambuja/Sintra lineCascais line and Sado line.

Requesting and loading the pass onto an Andante card

The benefit request (form) can be made in an Andante shop, CP ticket office with Andante sales or local Andante Sales Points. The card costs €6.00.
The monthly tickets can be loaded from Metro do Porto or CP station vending machines or any of the numerous Payshop agents.

Benefit request and CP card top up

The benefit request (form) must be made in a CP ticket office. The card costs €6.00.euros.
The monthly top-up can be done in any CP ticket office.

Alternatively, the benefit can be requested through an IMT application form.