National Train Pass

Discover the benefits of the pass for all Regional trains.

What is it?

The National Train Pass is a new pass valid for all regional trains throughout the country.

The monthly pass (calendar month) is loaded onto a CP card. The cards are on sale from the 21st of the month before they are valid.

Available from CP ticket offices.

See the Regional service map.


Price: €49.00 

No discounts apply to ths price.

The CP card may be requested at ticket offices by presenting the following documents:

  • Official identification document: Citizen's Card, Identity Card, Driving License or Passport;
  • One current (original) colour passport-type photograph;
  • Completion of the CP card requisition form (cost of the normal card - €6,00).

Note: if you already have a CP card, you can use it for this pass.

This pass cannot be exchanged. It can be refunded until midnight on the first day of validity at a cost of €9.80 (20% of its price).

1 - What is the national train pass?

A: It is a monthly pass that costs €49 a month. It is loaded onto your CP card, which allows you to travel exclusively on Regional service trains throughout CP's network.

2 - What are the benefits of this Pass?

A: It has a single price for any distance and flexibility for all regional service trains, with no fixed route.

3 - Which card do I need to load the Pass?

A: This Pass is loaded onto a CP card. You must have one of these cards. See the conditions at CP Card

4 - I already have a CP Card; do I need a new card for this Pass?

A: No, the national train pass can be loaded onto any CP card as long as it is valid.

5 - What is the validity of this Pass?

A: This is a monthly pass with fixed validity, valid from the first to the last day of the month.

6 - Which trains can I travel on?

A: This Pass lets you travel on any regional service train or route. However, for statistical purposes only, when you buy the Pass, you have to indicate the most frequent origin/destination.

It is not valid in other services, including Alfa Pendular, Intercidades, InterRegional, International or Porto, Lisbon and Coimbra urban services.

You cannot pay the difference in value for a different category of train.

7 - How much does this Pass cost?

A: This Pass has a fixed price of €49.00.

8 - Where and when can I load the Pass on the card?

A: The Pass can be purchased at CP's Ticket Offices from the 21st day of the previous month to the 20th of the desired month.

9 - From which month can I buy this Pass?

A: The first month of validity will be August 2023. You can buy this Pass from 21 July.

10 - I currently have a Regional Pass; does it no longer exist?

A: No. The Subscriptions for the Regional service will continue to be available.

11 - I have a Flexipass. Does that pass cease to exist?

A: No. The Flexipass will continue to be available.

12 - May I request a refund for this Pass?

R: Yes, you can request a refund from a ticket office, before the beginning of validity and upon payment of a fee of 20% of its price(€9.80). You must present the CP card used and the original receipt/invoice to do so.

After the start of the Pass validity period, no refund requests will be accepted.

13 - I am a young student. Can I buy this Pass with a Youth, 4_18 or Sub 23 discount?

A: This Pass has no "Youth", "4-18", or "Under-23" discount.

14 - Does this Pass have a Senior or Child discount?

A: This Pass has no senior or child discount.

15 - Can I get the Pass with a CIM/PART discount?

A: This Pass does not have a discount associated with the Fare Reduction Support Program (PART) between stations in Intermunicipal Communities.

16 - Can I buy with the Veteran discount?

A: This Pass does not have a veteran discount.