Promo tickets - buy in advance

Buy your ticket 5, 8 or more days in advance and get discounts of up to 65%.

If you buy Alfa Pendular and Intercidades tickets at least 5 days in advance, you enjoy discounts of up to 56%. If you buy 8 or more days in advance, these discounts can be as much as 65%.

If you plan your trip earlier, you pay less!

The advance period refers to the day of travel, up to a limit of 60 days, for all destinations.

See the advance sales prices and buy now!


CP Services: Alfa Pendular | Intercidades

Promo Tickets must be purchased 5, 8 or more days in advance (up to 60 days) of the travel date.

This discount is limited to the number of seats available on each train.

These special offers cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions in force. Prices rounded up to the nearest 50 cents.

You can change the date and time of Promo Tickets, but they cannot be refunded.

If you wish to change the date and time and enjoy this discount again (limited to the number of promotional seats available on each train), the new travel date must be 5, 8 or more days in the future (including the day of purchase and up to a limit of 60 days) from the moment you change the date and time.

When searching for a new journey, the ticket clerk, if you buy at a station or our online ticket office or App, will always show you the best price available for that train and journey.

Outside these periods and conditions, the change of date and time is made for a ticket without this discount, and the respective price difference will be charged.

Promo Tickets can be purchased from the online ticket office, CP App, customer care line or ticket offices.

From To Service Class Prices from:
Coimbra Intercidades 2 8.00
Porto Intercidades 2 10.00
Guimarães Intercidades 2 11.00
Braga Intercidades 2 11.00
Guarda Intercidades 2 12.50
Viana do Castelo Intercidades 2 11.50
Faro Alfa Pendular Turística 8.50
Note: prices in euros inc. VAT

Prices refer to journeys from Lisbon. Check other prices from other stations in train times.