Trips up the Douro

In Oporto, Aveiro, Lisbon and Albufeira the journey doesn't end on the train.

So that you can experience more moments of leisure and discover new destinations with us, you can buy several tourism programmes of ´Douro Acima’ (Up the Douro) from our personalised sales points.

The tourism programmes for individual persons or groups can be bought separately or together with the train journeys, thus benefiting from the discounts in our services – Oporto Urban Trains, Intercidades, Regional and InterRegional – as well as in the ‘Douro Acima’ tourism programmes.

We also offer discounts on the Alfa Pendular and International trains for group journeys.

As a result of the evolution of the COVID-19 epidemiological situation in Portugal, Douro Acima has suspended tourist circuits in Lisbon, Oporto, Aveiro and Albufeira, with the exception of 6 Bridges Cruise in Oporto, which takes place during the week at 14h00 and 15h00.

The 6 Bridges Cruise does not take place on the weekends of November 28/29 and December 5/6.


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Oporto Urban Trains

Journeys for individual persons and groups.

Groups of 10 or more elements, by consultation at least 3 days before the journey date.  

For groups of 100 or more elements, the prior consultation shall be carried out as early as possible, in order to obtain the prices and conditions to be defined, in accordance with the number of people, the group’s profile or journey date.

Alfa Pendular, Intercidades, Regional, InterRegional and International Trains

In the individual tourism programmes, you get 15% off the return ticket price on Intercidades, Regionais and InterRegionais trains.

Groups of 10 or more Passengers, by consultation at least 10 days before the journey date, in order to obtain the service conditions and prices, in accordance with the number of people, the group’s profile or journey date.

For groups of 100 or more elements, the prior consultation shall be carried out as early as possible given the journey date.


Six Bridge Boat Cruise (Douro River)

Have fun on the Six Bridge Cruise and get to know the six wonderful bridges connecting Oporto and Gaia and the two riverbanks of the Douro River – D. Luís, Infante, Dona Maria, S. João, Arrábida and Freixo – from the oldest to the most recent ones.

  • duration – 50 minutes;
  • frequency – every half-hour
  • schedule – April to October, from 10h00 to 18h30 / March to November, from 10h00 to 16h00;
  • Pets are not allowed but guide dogs are welcome and coordinated specifically by ‘Douro Acima’.

City Sightseeing

The panoramic bus circuits offer you two routes, the red and the blue.

Discover Oporto and Gaia by travelling on the panoramic bus circuits:

  • Red line: Circuit on Oporto
    • duration - 100 minutes
    • frequency - every half-hour
    • schedule - Summer: 09h00-18:30 / Winter: 09h15-17h15
  • Blue line: Mixed circuit of Oporto and Gaia
    • duration - 100 minutes
    • frequency - every half-hour
    • schedule - Summer: 09h15-18:45 / Winter: 09h15-17h15

The tickets are valid on the Portugal City Sightseeing circuit for 24 hours after you first use them, allowing an unlimited number of entries and exits.


City cruises on the Aveiro Lagoon

Sightseeing tours on the typical and colourful “Moliceiro” boats, getting to know a little bit of the region’s history through a guide who escorts you and describes the routes, enjoying unique moments.

Apart from the shorter routes – those crossing the main city channels – we also offer long-distance routes which enable you to visit the famous salt works or the remotest parts of the city.

Such experiences transform into perfect and unforgettable moments when accompanied by the tasting of Ovos Moles – traditional sweets from Aveiro – and a champagne glass.

  • duration: 45 minutes
  • schedule: 10h00-18h30
  • The time of the first and last departure of the Cruise is always subject to the seats availability and the evening time.


City Sightseeing

Get to know the most remarkable Lisbon monuments associated with the Portuguese Discoveries, and the historical zones of a city that merges the modern and the ancient.

This programme offers two circuits which allow you to discover the city, from one end to the other.

  • Red line: 
    • duration - 90 minutes
    • frequency - every half-hour
    • schedule - Summer: 09h30-19:00 / Winter: 09h30-17h00
  • Blue line:
    • duration - 90 minutes
    • frequency – every half-hour
    • schedule - Summer: 09h45-18h45 / Winter: 09h45-16h45


City Sightseeing

The visitors of the Algarve region can explore the city through a panoramic circuit on the famous two-story red bus, equipped with a multi-idiom service.

  • duration - 90 minutes
  • frequency – Summer: every half-hour / Winter: every hour
  • schedule – From July to September: 09h30-19h00 / From October to June: 09h30-17h00

The journeys for individual persons are available directly from the CP ticket offices, both the combined products – train + ‘Douro Acima’ programmes – and just the ‘Douro Acima’ programme.

For groups of 10 or more elements, you need to make the consultation for the travel organisation through the online form, or contact our services:

Oporto Urban Trains
Phone: 221 052 482 (Working days from 9h30 to 13h00 and from 14h30 to 17h30)

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