Ciência Viva Centres

Make the most out of train journeys and admission to the 'Ciência Viva' Centres.

The Ciência Viva Centres promote scientific and technological knowledge through hands-on experiments. Its mission is to attract kinds and young people to look at science through a critical eye on the world and society so they can become an active participant in its future. 

Travel by train and enjoy the advantages for Groups and Ciência Viva Card holders.


CP Services: Intercidades | Regional and InterRegional

Find out which station is closest to the Ciência Viva Centre you're visiting:

  • Pavilhão do Conhecimento - Ciência Viva Centre (Lisbon): Oriente Station is about a 10-minute walk away.
  • Porto Planetarium - Ciência Viva Centre: from Porto Campanhã or São Bento stations we recommend the Metro to Casa da Música and walk to the Planetarium (23 minutes);
  • Planetarium - Braga Science Centre: Braga Station;
  • Vila do Conde Ciência Viva Centre: Porto Station (Campanhã and São Bento);
  • Côa Museum - Ciência Viva Centre: Pocinho Station;
  • Fábrica - Aveiro Ciência Viva Centre: Aveiro Station is about a 20-minute walk away;
  • Exploratório - Centro Ciência Viva de Coimbra: Coimbra Station (city) is a 16-minute walk away. You can also take the municipal bus no. 18 (SMTUC);
  • Constância Ciência Viva Centre: Praia do Ribatejo Station;
  • Lousal Ciência Viva Centre*: Lousal Station;
  • Lagos Ciência Viva Centre: Lagos Station is about a 7-minute walk away;
  • Centro Ciência Viva de Tavira: Tavira Station is about an 18-minute walk away;
  • Centro Ciência Viva do Algarve - Faro: Faro train Station is about a 12-minute walk away.

* Only for school or scout groups with a minimum of 10 participants.

Note: For group trips to the Ciência Viva Centres in Constância and Lousal, an extraordinary stop on the Intercidades service in these towns may be considered.

Advantages on CP Intercidades, Regional and InterRegional journeys for individual customers.

A 30% discount on individual return journeys* for holders of the ‘CIÊNCIA VIVA CIRCUITS CARD’ to the nearest CP station to the Ciência Viva Centre to be visited, subject to the following conditions:

  • Presentation of the ‘CIÊNCIA VIVA CIRCUITOS CARD’, physical or digital, + personal identification document, either at the time of purchase at a ticket office or when checking on board the trains;
  • On the return journey, the ticket must be stamped by the Ciência Viva Centre you visited, or you must have a ticket dated the same day or later than the outward ticket and the day before or the same day as the return ticket;
  • Failure to present proof of visit to the Ciência Viva Centres (ticket or CP ticket stamped by the CCV, in the case of free exhibitions) together with the physical or digital ‘CIÊNCIA VIVA CIRCUITOS CARD’ + personal identification document on the return journey will result in payment of the difference to the value of the outward and return journey without reduction, and will also be subject to the penalties laid down by law;
  • Not valid in conjunction with other discounts or offers.;
  • These tickets can be refunded or exchanged.

*Exception: on the journey from Faro to Olhão, CP grants a 30% discount on single journeys. Proof of entitlement to the discount is provided on presentation of the CIÊNCIA VIVA CIRCUITS CARD and the Faro/Algarve Ciência Viva Centre entrance ticket, valid for the day of the train journey.

Groups: The age discounts to which the customer is entitled (children and young people) are granted on tickets for school groups, organised Scouts and Scouters, for journeys on Intercidades, Regional and InterRegional trains. School groups are considered to be pupils from pre-school to secondary school;

  • 30% discount for companions of the group, not cumulative with any other discount or promotion in force: 1 companion per 10 members of the group, on trips and access to the Ciência Viva Centres.

Train journeys must be booked by emailing

Advantages for access to the Ciência Viva Centres

  • 10% discount** for individual customers on the ticket price (does not include extra activities or programming) at the following Ciência Viva Centres:
    • Pavilhão do Conhecimento - Ciência Viva Centre (Lisbon);
    • Planetarium - Braga Science Centre;
    • Vila do Conde Ciência Viva Centre;
    • Porto Planetarium - Living Science Centre;
    • Exploratory - Coimbra Living Science Centre;
    • Tavira Living Science Centre;
    • Lagos Living Science Centre;
    • Algarve Living Science Centre - Faro;
    • Constância Living Science Centre.
  • 10% discount** for school groups or scouts on the ticket price (does not include extra activities or programming) at the following Ciência Viva Centres:
    • Pavilhão do Conhecimento - Ciência Viva Centre (Lisbon);
    • Planetarium - Braga Science Centre;
    • Vila do Conde Ciência Viva Centre
    • Porto Planetarium - Ciência Viva Centre
    • Exploratory - Coimbra Living Science Centre
    • Tavira Living Science Centre
    • Lagos Living Science Centre
    • Algarve Living Science Centre - Faro
    • Constância Living Science Centre
    • Lousal Living Science Centre
  • Reception of school groups at the stations by the guide from the Lousal and Algarve Living Science Centre (Faro), subject to availability).

** Conditions valid on presentation of Intercidades, Regional and InterRegional tickets.

Group travel

Individual journeys

  • Available from CP ticket offices or on the train when boarding at stations without ticket sales. Payment on board can only be made in cash .