ACP Partnership

Travel by train and make the most of our discounts for members.

With over 100 years of history, the biggest Portuguese club sorts out, protects and helps the life of more than 250,000 associates.


CP Services: Alfa Pendular | Intercidades | Lusitânia Comboio Hotel (Lisbon/Madrid) | Sud Expresso | Celta (Oporto/Vigo)

Alfa Pendular, Intercidades

Get 5% discount on single and return tickets. The discounts are applicable in any class.

Reissued and refunded in accordance with the conditions in force.

Lusitânia Comboio Hotel, Sud Expresso and Celta

Get 30% discount on the price of the single journey tickets, in any class, of the trains Lusitânia Comboio HotelSud Expresso and Celta on international routes.

It does not apply to the Complete T4 fare.

On the trains Lusitânia Comboio Hotel and Sud Expresso, in the bed compartments of the Preference and Grand classes, the ACP members may get the discount provided that the entire compartment is purchased – in double occupancy – upon presenting only one membership card.

Reissued and refunded in accordance with the conditions in force.

Tickets with discount for the International trains shall be purchased from the CP Ticket Offices with international sale.

Douro Historical Train and Vouga Historical Train

5% off the single ticket price on the Douro Historical Train (it does not include packs) and Vouga Historical Train.

The ticket cannot be reissued nor refunded.


The discounts applicable to the ACP members cannot be combined with any other discounts in force until the date you buy the tickets, except the commercial discount in return tickets on the services Alfa Pendular and Intercidades.

To get the discounts, the ACP members must present in the CP ticket offices any Membership Card when buying the ticket and on board, their ticket or pass issued under this Agreement, the corresponding ACP membership card, as well as an identification document. If customers do not present the abovementioned documents, they will be considered passengers without ticket and shall be subject to the penalties provided for by the Law. 

Alfa Pendular, Intercidades

Available at the Online Ticket OfficeApp CPCP ticket offices or on board when the ticket offices of the stations are not available.

Lusitânia Comboio Hotel, Sud Expresso, Celta, Douro Historical Train and Vouga Historical Train

Only available at the CP ticket offices.