Payshop agents

Buying tickets is now easier than ever.        

Travelling in the Oporto Urban Trains is becoming more practical than ever.  

You can buy or topping up your CP and Andante cards at one of the Payshop agents in Oporto, Braga and Aveiro districts.

Simple, right?


CP Services: Porto urban trains

Give your Andante or Siga card to a Payshop agent and tell them how many tickets you want to top up on it. If you do not have a card, you can buy one for €0.50 and top up the journeys you want.

Once you have paid, the payshop agent will give you a receipt which you should keep until the card expiry date.

Give your Andante or CP electronic pass (valid for Oporto Urban Trains) to a payshop agent to top up your monthly pass. If you want to alter the kind of pass you have, go to a ticket office. 

The tickets – occasional and monthly passes – are only considered regularised after validation.

CP and Siga cards

You must validate your card at least 15 minutes before the train departure. In replacement situations you do not need to validate your card again.   

Andante cards

You must always validate your card in the beginning of your journey and when you change lines or transport, whatever your card is. You can validate your card no later than 10 minutes prior to departure.

You must always have a ticket before boarding the train, if there is a ticket office in the departure station or in the surrounding area – 200 metres from the station.

If you have at least one of these options, you cannot buy the ticket on board.