Online Ticket Office

Purchase your ticket online now also in mobile optimised version and get on the train with no more than an SMS!

This possibility is available for Alfa Pendular, Intercidades, Regional, InterRegional, Coimbra Urban Trains and as an add-on to the Oporto Urban Trains. You can buy your ticket up to 60 days in advance and 15 minutes before your train leaves your station. In order to be able to make the payment, you have to be registered on myCP and then you can pay using any of the following methods: PayPal (paying from your account or using your card, without having to register), credit card, debit card that also works as a Visa or MasterCard credit card, I.e.-that has a security code on the back and MB WAY.

Check online Ticket Office Terms and Conditions.

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Watch here how to make a purchase on CP App or directly on CP YouTube.