Multibanco (ATM)

Buy Alfa Pendular, Intercidades and Lisbon urban train tickets.

To make life more convenient, you can buy Alfa Pendular or Intercidades tickets and top up your Lisbon urban train tickets at any cash dispenser (ATM).

The 'Multibanco' cash dispenser machines are quick, practical and safe.

CP Services: Alfa Pendular | Intercidades | Lisbon urban trains

You can buy your ticket up to 21 days in advance or just 15 minutes before the train leaves from where you are boarding.

How to buy tickets at the ATM:

  • step 1: introduce your debit card and enter your PIN;
  • step 2: Select the option Payments and Other Services;
  • step 3: select the option Transports;
  • step 4: select CP - Comboios de Portugal;
  • step 5: select the group of stations;
  • step 6: select the stations you want to depart from and to;
  • step 7: select the kind of ticket;
  • step 8: select the number of tickets;
  • step 9: select the type of journey and class;
  • step 10: select the date and time of the journey;
  • step 11: confirm the details.

The receipt serves as proof of purchase and shows the carriage and seat number.

If you want to make any alteration, please go to a station ticket office.

Available 24 hours a day to top up Lisboa Viva cards:

1) Zapping;

2) Normal and Youth CP passes, 4_18 and SUB_23;

3) Multi-operator passes: Navegante, Metro/CP, Carris/CP, L/CP (Carris+Metro+CP), Soflusa/CP, CA/SL/CP (Carris+Soflusa+CP), L/SL/CP (Carris+Metro+Soflusa+CP), RL/CP (Rodoviária de Lisboa+CP), LT/CP (Lisboa Transportes/VIMECA+CP), Scoturb/CP;

4) Social passes/Normal intermodal passes, 4_18 and SUB_23.

The first time must be at a ticket office.

How to top up your Lisboa Viva card at an ATM