Yellow bus partnership

Make the most of the discounts for CP passengers and enjoy a unique adventure with your family and friends.



CP Services: Alfa Pendular | Intercidades | Regional and InterRegional | Celta (Oporto/Vigo)

Buy an all-in CP + Yellow Bus ticket, composed of a one-way or a round- journey train ticket + voucher to the selected Yellow Bus circuit of your choice by bus, tram or boat** in Lisbon or by bus in Oporto**, Coimbra**, Braga** or Guimarães**. Children pay only 2 euros, until March 31, 2021.

**Suspended circulation due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

On sale from

The all-in ticket is available from CP ticket offices or the Online ticket office* and Customer Care Line*.

*Available for Alfa Pendular, Intercidades and Regional.

The Yellow Bus voucher together with the train ticket, must be exchanged for a ticket on the bus, tram or boat of your choice. The ticket is valid for 24 hours in Lisbon, Oporto**, Coimbra**, Braga** and Guimarães**. It is valid for 1 or 2 days on the Oporto circuit. 

You can also buy your Yellow Bus separately and still get your 10% discount, when purchasing an adult ticket, if you show your train ticket on board the tram/bus/boat.

Valid for return train tickets to or from any of the cities mentioned. 

It cannot be used together with any other discounts in force.

Validity - 3 days before or after the train journey.

Circuits available for the all-in CP + Yellow Bus ticket

Lisbon: Belém Lisbon Bus Tour, Modern Lisbon Bus Tour**, Hill Tramcar Tour** and Yellow Boat Tour**

Oporto: Porto Vintage (includes Historical Oporto and Porto of the Castles tours) 1 and 2 days**

Coimbra: Funtastic Coimbra**

Braga: Braga and Bom Jesus Tour**

Guimarães: Guimarães Tour**

**Circuit suspended due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Check prices here for the all-in CP + Yellow Bus ticket.

More details about the circuits, particularly the days they run and the programme, here.

Celta passengers can get 10% off their Yellow Bus tickets if they show their train ticket on the bus, tram or boat. 

Valid for return train tickets to or from any of the cities mentioned. 

Cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or special offers.

Validity - 3 days before or after the train journey.

See the circuits and prices (consider another 10% discount off the prices here.