Aveiro with passion

Come and discover the estuary, the museums, the cuisine, the beaches and all the other attractions in and around Aveiro.

Travel in comfort on the train to Aveiro where you can enjoy lots of different experiences related with the town, its connection with nature and particularly the estuary and with local culture. 

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Oporto urban trains

  • Return tickets on urban trains: €2.00 per person in the group;
  • A free journey + visit/activity for one adult for every 20 minors in the group;
  • Available for 20 to 100 people, depending on the seating on the train you want;
  • Bookings have to be made at least 5 days in advance;
  • The journeys and visit/activity have to pay for at a CP ticket office that sells Oporto urban trains tickets.

These discounts only apply to scheduled services.

Alfa Pendular, Intercidades, Regional or InterRegional

  • Prices vary on a case by case basis, depending on the number of people, date, time, route and kind of service, regular or special, you want;
  • Available for a minimum of 20 passengers.

Possibility of buying the visits/activities at CP ticket offices regardless of whether you buy the train tickets.

Typical boat trip - Moliceiro or Mercantel (approx. 45 minutes)

Guided tour of Aveiro on a typical boat (Moliceiro or Mercantel) along the city's canals where you will be able to see:

  • History of local vessels
  • Aveiro, Capital of "Art Nouveau"
  • Name and history of each of the town's canals
  • Locks and how they work
  • Harbour master's building
  • Fish market
  • Fonte Nova Square, Hotel Meliã Ria and Jerónimo P. Campos factory
  • Manuel Firmino market

City tour on a tourist train (approx. 45 minutes)

Trip around Aveiro on a tourist train that will go through several attractions – including the main attractions that we are unable to see on the boat trip – namely:

  • Art Nouveau houses
  • Views of the salt pans and salt harvesting
  • Contemporary architecture at the buildings of Aveiro University
  • Aveiro's historical, cultural and religious heritage
  • Industrial architecture of the Jerónimo P. Campos factory
  • Glazed tile panels at the old train station

Guided tour to the salt pans (approx. 45 minutes)

Journey through the traditional salt of Aveiro, where you will come directly in contact with its production, care and work to produce the best salt and ‘Fleur de sel’ by traditional methods.

You will get to know:

  • How the water circulates around the marshes and how salt is made
  • The salt workers
  • How to extract salt and 'Fleur de sel'
  • The tools used in the salt pans
  • Therapeutic characteristics of salt
  • Marsh ecosystems (plants and animals)
  • The use of salt in cooking and in cosmetics

Boat trip across the Aveiro Estuary (2 hours minimum)

Boat trip to discover the natural beauty of the “unknown Aveiro Estuary”, its surroundings, traditions and culture of one of the largest lagoon areas of the Iberian Peninsula.

Tour to the oyster farms (approx. 90 minutes)

Located at Marinha Passagem, in an old fifteen-century harbour used by the Portuguese caravels carrying ceramics all over the world, the oyster farms are part of an 8-hectar property surrounded by the canals of the Aveiro Estuary with the city as its horizon.

Rota dos Petiscos por Aveiro (duração mínima 2 horas com 4 degustações)

Passeio pela gastronomia da região de Aveiro no centro da cidade, para conhecer e degustar iguarias típicas e vinhos.


Notes: prices in euros per person
(a) Add train trip price. 
(*) Between 5 and 12 years old when accompanied by adults. Up to 2 children per adult. 3rd child does not pay. Children up to 4 years old do not pay.

Programme Individual Journeys

Acquired as an add-on to the train journey on the Oporto Urban Trains or Long-distance services

General Public Groups (a)
Adults > 12 Children < 12 (*) Adults > 18 Children < 18
Boat Trip (Moliceiro/Mercantil) 13.00 6.00 8.00 5.00
City Tour
on a Tourist Train
    6.00 3.50
Guided tour to the salt pans       3.00 2.50
Guided tour to the oyster farms      18.00 10.00
Rota dos petiscos em Aveiro     19.00 15.00
Boat trip across the Aveiro Estuary     12.00 8.00

Guided tours to the city of Aveiro

    2.00 2.00

Tourist train transfer from the CP station to the tourist attractions in the city centre of Aveiro

    3.00 (outward or homeward)
5.00 (outward and homeward)
2.50 (outward or homeward)
3.50 (outward and homeward)

Oporto urban trains

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Come to Aveiro by train. 

When leaving the station, walk down Avenida Lourenço Peixinho to Rotunda das Pontes (Pontes Roundabout) (1.2 km / a 15-minute walk from the station). The head office of the company Aveiro com Paixão is located at Rua João Mendonça, just in front of Oficina do Doce (no. 23).

Alternatively, you can take the train that departures in front of the station (Av. Lourenço Peixinho), and connects with the other Aveiro com Paixão services.

Porto urban trains

Visits/activities that are bought separately cannot be refunded and you cannot change the date or time;

Visits/activities + group travel - can be refunded under the conditions in force.

Alfa Pendular, Intercidades, Regional or InterRegional
The journey time can be changed and tickets refunded if you provide the train tickets and the tourist programme voucher.