Press Release

In response to recent public statements made by the Ticket Collector Union (SFRCI), CP - Comboios de Portugal wishes to state:

1. Pay Equity: CP is proud of its pay equity policy. We categorically refute any allegation that there is wage discrimination among our workers. Our wage policy is applied equally to all categories of workers. However, to further promote equity and value lower-paid workers, we have added more significant increases to these groups. Respect for our workers is a fundamental pillar of our organisation and is evident in how we structure our wage policy.

2. Safety: CP's priority is the safety of its passengers, workers and the general public. The single agent system, applied for over 20 years on empty runs, does not breach any safety rules. This system is used exclusively when a train runs without passengers moving to and from depots and workshops for maintenance work. Safety has never been, and will never be, compromised;

3. Workstations for Ticket Inspectors: Contrary to SFRCI's assertion, ticket inspector jobs are not at risk. On the contrary, CP is currently recruiting for this role due to the shortage of ticket inspectors. The statement that jobs are at stake is, therefore, false and unfounded;

4. Resource Management: CP manages its resources responsibly and efficiently. It would be illogical and irresponsible to allocate a ticket inspector to a train running without passengers and moving to a stockyard or a workshop, even more so at a time when we are facing a shortage of ticket inspectors and are actively recruiting;

5. Company Agreement: CP strictly abides by the Company Agreement. The allegations of breach are totally false and without any factual basis.

CP remains committed to providing a safe, efficient, reliable rail transport service. We value all our workers and respect all agreements made with them. We will continue to work to ensure that our operations remain transparent, fair and safe.