Douro Historical Train starts the 2023 season with new features and local partners

Peso da Régua, July 8, 2023 - A press conference held at the Douro Museum on Saturday presented news about the 2023 season of the Douro Historical Train, a unique experience that unites history, tradition and the natural beauty of a region classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.

The conference was attended by Pedro Moreira, chairman of CP, Isabel Ribeiro, CP VP, João Gonçalves, the mayor of Carrazeda de Ansiães, Rui Teixeira, the councillor representing the Municipality of Peso da Régua and Sónia Pires, a councillor of the Municipality of Alijó.

The big news for this season is the increase in the frequency of trips. In addition to the usual two trips at the weekend, the Douro Historical Train will also make a trip on Wednesdays. This decision comes in response to the growing demand observed in recent years, which has resulted in trips often being sold out.

Pedro Moreira, chair of CP, emphasised that "the Historical Train carries passengers and the history and culture of a region. The train is part of the history of the Douro, and the Douro landscape is one of the most beautiful in Portugal."

In collaboration with the municipalities of Alijó, Carrazeda de Ansiães and Peso da Régua, this season also brings a special offer for passengers of the Historical Train. In addition to the usual offer of a glass of Port and the traditional Régua sweets, passengers will be offered a typical sweet of the region or a bottle of Favaíto, the Douro muscatel, as a way of praising and promoting local products.

"This year, we wanted to offer three trips to the municipalities involved in this partnership, and the city councils will offer the places to people who live in the region. It's a way for CP to also thank the people who maintain this wonderful landscape, value the Douro every day and are making an important contribution to the reformulation of the railway tourism service", Pedro Moreira added.

CP has been committed to reformulating railway tourism services that can enhance the territory, thanking the municipalities involved for enriching the trips with local products, making them an even more attractive experience than in previous years.

CP also thanks its workers who have kept this steam locomotive, almost 100 years old, and the historic carriages in operation, allowing it to offer a truly authentic and unforgettable experience to passengers.