European Payment Services Directive (PSD2) – December 31, 2020

As of December 31, 2020, the new European rules for strong authentication will come into force, which aim to ensure even more security for online card purchases within the European Economic Area.

Banks/payment service providers will now require strong authentication from their customers whenever they make online purchases with a card, such as through the Online Ticket Office or the CP App.

Under this Directive and the 3DSecure application, the following additional data will also be requested when paying by card:

  • Country;
  • City;
  • Postal code;
  • Address.

These data, required by the International Payment Systems (ISS), are not kept by CP.

To ensure that you continue to purchase your journeys online with a card, we suggest that you contact your bank/payment service provider and find out about the planned changes.

If you prefer to use another payment method, you have Paypal and MBWay payments available in our online sales channels.