Minho line- replacement bus service – March and April

Engineering works on the Minho line mean there will be a replacement bus service for trains 3100, 3115 and 3317 on the following dates and routes:

Regional 3117:

12 to 28 March (Monday to Saturday)

Train From to Replacement bus service* between:

Regional 3117

Oporto Campanhã (22:10)

Viana do Castelo (23:45) Barcelos and Viana do Castelo


3 to 7 April (Tuesday to Saturday)

 Train From To Replacement bus service* between
 Regional 3117  Oporto Campanhã (22:10)  Viana do Castelo (23:45)  Barcelos and Viana do Castelo

* Stops at each station:

  • Barcelos – Station square;
  • Silva – Main road beside the station;
  • Carapeços - Main road beside the station;
  • Tamel – Station square;
  • Durrães – Supermarket roundabout;
  • Barroselas – Opposite Caixa Geral de Depósitos bank;
  • Senhora das Neves – Main road bus stop, beside Casa Paula;
  • Alvarães – North crossroads on Avenida da Igreja;
  • Darque – Station square;
  • Areia-Darque – Beside the station;
  • Viana do Castelo – Station square.

 Regional 3115:

24 March and 7 April (Saturdays)

Train From To Replacement bus service** between:

Regional 3115

Nine (20:01)

Viana do Castelo (21:04) Darque and Viana do Castelo


Regional 3100:

25 March and 8 April (Sundays)

 Train From To Replacement bus service** between
 Regional 3100 Viana do Castelo (05:11) Nine (06:08) Viana do Castelo and Darque

**Areia-Darque – The bus stops on the road beside the station.

No pets of bikes can be taken on the alternative bus transport.

We apologise for any inconvenience and would like to thank you for choosing CP, you can contact our Customer Assistance Office, Ticket offices or Customer Care Line for any further details - 707 210 220 (€010/min – land line | €0.25/min – mobile networks + VAT), for any information.