Tax receipt

See the procedures to get a simplified receipt for income tax purposes 

With the new tax rules that were introduced on 1 January 2015 by Law 82-E/2014 of 31 December, only receipts/simplified receipts with the tax number are considered valid for income tax purposes.

Since its sales system has been certified by the Portuguese tax office, CP is able to issue tickets with a receipt/simplified receipt which will later be visible on the tax office E-fatura (electronic receipt) portal in the tax payer area for validation.

If passengers want a receipt/simplified receipt with their tax number on it they must insert the number when they buy the ticket and before it is issued so the details are on the document issued by CP at the sales time.

No alterations can be made to the tax number on the ticket or receipt.

If the original proof of payment is lost, please complete this form.

Oporto Urban Trains – Tickets bought from vending machines or on board the train

As of 1 August, all passengers who buy tickets or passes from Oporto Urban Train vending machines or on board the train can ask for a receipt directly from (Internet Explorer only)by entering the details or from a CP ticket office by showing the proof of payment.

The receipt will be available for 10 days (inclusive) as of the date of the payment. The receipts for tickets bought on board the train may take up to five days before they are available and remain available for another five days.

The receipts will no longer be available after this deadline.

The receipts can be issued immediately and can be seen on the e-fatura portal or printed as a hard copy.