Apple Fair of Armamar

Discover the benefits we have for you to go by train to Régua.

From October 19 to 21, there will be free transportation from the Régua Station to the Apple Fair in Armamar. Besides the usual marketing of apples at special prices, you will also find a series of activities linked to the apple culture, with the participation of members of the industry and agriculture of the region and the performance of several bands.


CP Services: Regional and InterRegional

The Régua Station is about 17 km away from Armamar and there will be free transportation by bus of the municipality for the following trains:

Friday, 19

  • Outward: 
    IR 865 - Oporto Campanhã 11h15 > Régua 13h09
  • Homeward: 
    R 4110 – Régua 20h50 > Caíde 22h15 [C] - Urban 15554 Caíde [P] 22h18 > Porto São Bento 23h20

Saturday, 20 and Sunday, 21

  • Outward

IR 861 – Oporto Campanhã 7h15 > Régua 9h09

IR 863 – Oporto São Bento 9H10 > Régua 11h09

Urban 15521 – Oporto São Bento 9h30 > Caíde [C] 10h33 – R 4103 Caíde [P] 10h42 > Régua 12h03

IR 865 – Oporto Campanhã 11h15 > Régua 13h09

  • Homeward

IR 874 – Régua 14h48 > Oporto Campanhã 16h35

IR 878 – Régua 16h48 > Oporto São Bento 18h50

IR 960 – Régua 18h48 > Oporto Campanhã 20h35

R 4114 – Régua 20h50 > Oporto São Bento 23h00

30% discount in return journeys in the Douro Line, valid between October 19 and 21, to the Station of Régua.

Can only be refunded and reissued for the period during which the discount is valid.

No need to present proof that you are entitled to the discount. Cannot be used together with other discounts or offers in force.

The 30% discount is available at CP ticket offices or on board the train if the station where you board does not have an available ticket office. Payment on board can only be done in cash or with the CPmais card.