Clarification on Sintra Line incident

Today, at 19:43, on the Sintra Line, train 18306, foreseen in the minimum services decreed for the strike on Wednesday, was travelling from Lisbon Oriente to Sintra, with a 45-minute delay as a result of assistance provided to passengers on another train immediately in front.

A passenger triggered the train's alarm signal at kilometre 5 between Campolide and Benfica stations, about 700 metres from the station. The train at the time was running at full capacity.

This passenger's action activated the security system, immobilising the train immediately. While the ticket inspector followed the security procedures and went to the carriage where the alarm had been set off, some passengers opened the carriage doors and went out onto the line.

Given this scenario, the Authority Agent on board, to ensure the safety of passengers, requested reinforcement of operatives who, after arriving at the scene and with the help of CP workers, removed fencing that limited the access to the train line and directed the passengers to the pavement, where they were safe, outside the area where pedestrians are forbidden.

Although this incident did not cause any serious injuries to the passengers, CP regrets the situation and apologises to those affected for all the inconvenience caused.
An internal assessment of the incident has been initiated.