São João Night - Circulation of the Oporto Urban Trains

Due to the current pandemic situation that the country is facing, CP-Comboios de Portugal – like other transport operators – will change the night offer of the Oporto Urban services, in order to discourage crowding during the São João night.

At the end of June 23rd and in the early morning of June 24th, the regular trains will still run, but the connections between Oporto Campanhã and Oporto São Bento will be suspended. The last train to run – from Oporto-Campanhã to Oporto S. Bento – is the train departing at 20:50, and in the opposite direction, the train departing at 20:55.

The Official Entities of the country’s Northern Region, engaged in preventing the spread of Covid- 19 and aware of the high number of people that such celebrations attract to the centre of Oporto, will also adopt a set of measures to discourage crowding, particularly inspection, police presence and visibility and urban cleaning.