Rolling Stock Park of CP - Declaration

CP – Comboios de Portugal, in view of some news which have been published in recent days regarding the existing rolling stock park, hereby states that:

1. CP, together with EMEF (Main Portuguese Company in the Railway Maintenance Sector), has an ongoing development of maintenance and repair projects of rolling stock, which may be evident as early as 2019.

2. Such projects are being carried out in wake of the additional human resources already authorised, as well as in wake of the required training and qualification process of the hired personnel.

3. The abovementioned maintenance projects do not include stock which has become obsolete or inappropriate to the operational or trading options of the company, or whose repair and maintenance is more expensive than other existing alternatives.

4. The rolling stock acquisition project – which foresees the acquisition of 12 bi-mode units and 10 electric units – was established in order to meet the needs of the CP operation, based on the goals announced in Ferrovia 2020, regarding the schedule of interventions in the infrastructure, particularly the line electrification.

5. In order to meet the immediate needs, for the period during which the recovery of currently stationary stock will occur and until the new rolling stock arrives, CP shall reinforce the stock park rented to Renfe, where the arrival of 4 new diesel units is also foreseen in 2019.