Reply to news published in Jornal de Notícias, on 4 April

CP - Comboios de Portugal, following the news published in yesterday's edition of Jornal de Notícias, with the title "New CP trains without access for disabled", wants to state clearly that the content in the article does not correspond to the truth.

The information that the 117 new trains do not have access for people with reduced mobility is incorrect. All the new trains have been specified to guarantee accessibility for people with reduced mobility, providing comfort and ease of use to all passengers;

Ensuring access for persons with reduced mobility is fundamental in approving new trains. This approval is carried out by the Institute for Mobility and Transport, IP (IMT), following the technical specifications for interoperability published by the European Union's Railway Agency and European standard EN 1657, which establish specific guidelines to ensure accessibility and inclusion for all passengers;

The steps mentioned in the article result from the different heights of the railway platforms at the stations. However, this is not an obstacle to implementing solutions for people with reduced mobility, ensuring their accessibility and comfort when using trains.
It is important to clarify that CP has been committed to adapting its trains to ensure access for people with reduced mobility in the last three years. In 2021, a comprehensive project began, implementing lift platforms designed for this purpose in 55 railcars. This investment, costing approximately €2.2 million, reflects CP's commitment to ensuring accessibility for all passengers, and this intervention has been carried out in 28 of the 55 railcars by CP's employees.

In addition, CP has under development an intercidades prototype, which incorporates essential accessibility systems for people with reduced mobility. This prototype includes lift platforms that ensure easier accessibility conditions and specially adapted toilets, ensuring greater comfort and autonomy for all passengers who need accessibility conditions during their journeys.

Recognising the importance of promoting inclusion and accessibility for all its passengers, CP has actively created conditions that facilitate accessibility for people with reduced mobility and reiterates its commitment to equal opportunities and comfort for all its customers.