Press release

CP - Comboios de Portugal, in response to the statement issued by a union representing ticket inspectors (SFRCI), believes it is crucial to re-establish the truth.

First, it is essential to note that the SFRCI does not speak on behalf of all CP workers, contrary to what it claims. This union represents only a fraction of our employees, as it is just one of the 16 unions represented in the company. The other 15 have signed the company's agreement on the wage increase. Therefore, by choosing not to do so, the SFRCI discriminates against its members, placing them at a wage disadvantage in relation to other colleagues.

The SFRCI accuses CP of "wage discrimination" and "violation of traffic safety rules". Both accusations are false, unfounded and defamatory. The interim wage increase proposed by CP is the same for all workers, worth about €50. Contrary to this union's claims, the 2023 wage increases were higher for the lowest-paid workers. By refusing to sign the company agreement, the SFRCI is the only union promoting wage inequality between its members and the rest of CP's workers. This type of disinformation from the SFRCI is unacceptable and a sad attempt to manipulate public opinion. We do not accept being the target of unfounded accusations with the sole purpose of fomenting conflict and discontent.

The SFRCI referred to the "single agent" regime in empty train runs- operations that occur when a train is moved to and from depots and workshops without passengers. CP has carried out these operations for over 20 years without any safety incidents. It is essential to clarify that the "single agent" operations refer to empty trains without passengers on their way to the depots or workshops. We reiterate: These are trains with no passengers on board.

Another untruth propagated by SFRCI is the supposed threat to the ticket inspectors' job. This allegation is entirely false, considering that CP is currently recruiting 70 new ticket inspectors due to the lack of staff. Jobs have never been and are never at risk. This misinformation is a disturbing tactic that only seeks to sow unrest and discontent among the workers.

We recognise the right to strike, guaranteed by the Constitution of Portugal, and we respect the individual worker's decision. However, we cannot accept the disinformation and manipulation by the SFRCI, harming passengers and all those who depend on CP services for their daily lives.

Regrettably, the SFRCI has chosen to spread untruths and scaremongering among its members and the general public. It should instead focus on promoting constructive dialogue and defending its members' interests responsibly and transparently.

CP is committed to ensuring all passengers' safety, comfort and confidence. We remain open to dialogue with all unions, including the SFRCI, to serve our workers and, consequently, our passengers better.