"Queima das Fitas" of Oporto – CP with 57 500 seats and 2€ journeys

As in previous years, CP – Comboios de Portugal will help the students and their Families to travel to the traditional celebrations of Queima das Fitas of Oporto [Oporto Ribbon Burning College Ceremony], launching a range of solutions in its Oporto urban services.

Therefore, on May 5th, 6th and 8th, the days of the most popular events, the number of trains on the Braga, Guimarães, Marco and Aveiro lines will be higher, adding 8 000 seats, making a total of 57 500 available seats.

Apart from an increase in the number of seats, CP will also have special 2€ tickets (return tickets), valid for the journeys made between any station of the Oporto Urban Network and the São Bento Station in Oporto, to any of the following events: “Monumental Serenata”, “Bênção das Pastas” and “Noite da Queima”.

In 2017, within the scope of the Oporto Ribbon Burning College Ceremony, 23 000 passengers used the CP services.