Oporto Urban Trains with more seats – May 12 and 13

Next Saturday, CP – Comboios de Portugal will have more seats on the Oporto Urban Services, adding special trains…

… and adding more seats on the scheduled trains. This offer will facilitate the travelling to the city centre of the people who will celebrate the victory of Futebol Clube do Porto, in the national football league.

Therefore, the special trains will circulate on the Caíde/Marco, Braga and Aveiro lines at the following times, stopping at every station:

Route Departure time 
Oporto São Bento -> Aveiro 00h50
Oporto São Bento -> Penafiel  01h45 
Oporto São Bento -> Braga 02h00
Oporto São Bento -> Ovar 02h30
Oporto São Bento -> Caíde 03h25


Apart from the special offer, during Saturday afternoon, several scheduled trains to the Oporto São Bento Station will be reinforced, as well as the trains departing from this station at 23h00.