From December 9 - Intercidades Lisbon«»Covilhã with locomotive and carriages

Starting on December 09, CP – Comboios de Portugal will replace the electric machinery – currently in use on the Intercidades trains of the Beira Baixa Line – with trains composed of locomotive and (modern) 1st and 2nd class carriages.

The offer of the Line services will remain, but the change of rolling stock allows to shorten the total travel time between Lisbon and Covilhã, as reflected in a reduction up to 7 minutes on the ascending trains (Lisbon-Covilhã route) and about 22 minutes on the descending trains (Covilhã-Lisbon route).

As a result of the implemented changes, the Regional Service will also be subject to a slight timetable adjustment, maintaining the offer structure, similar to the current one.