Interrail has special prices

Until January 4, 2021

Until January 4, 2021, Interrail passes can be purchased at the CP ticket offices, at special prices, with 20% off.

Under the offer, the discount is valid for travel in all participating countries with the exception of One Country passes for travel in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.

These passes authorise travel for 11 months, after the date of purchase, and are refundable and can be reissued before the start of validity: in the event of a refund, upon payment of 15% of the value of the pass or, 15 euros in case of reissue.

Interrail is a pass covering the rail networks of most European countries and can be purchased by all European citizens and residents, allowing an unlimited number of journeys on the trains of the participating railway companies and some shipping companies, with the exception of journeys in the country of residence.

It has two different forms, the Global Pass and Interrail One Country.

This is a product designed for planning holidays abroad, which allows great flexibility in travel planning and, given the extent of the European rail network, allows travel to discover a large number of countries.