CP obtains COVID CLEAN certification

CP-Comboios de Portugal has obtained the COVID CLEAN certification, a seal of assurance of compliance with good practices and Recommendations of the Directorate General of Health in Biological Risk Management.

This certification was awarded after an external and independent audit, which covered several of the company's facilities at a national level, namely workstations, ticket offices, Customer Support Offices, workshop facilities, main network stations and social facilities.

Within the scope of this audit, the major disinfection operation of facilities and rolling stock that CP implemented since the beginning of the pandemic, corresponding to an intervention area of more than 527 thousand square meters, translating 15 700 disinfection interventions per month, was highlighted.

In the rolling stock, between March and the end of July, around 80,000 railway vehicles were disinfected, in actions that are carried out several times a day.

It is recalled that CP-Comboios de Portugal maintained its operation throughout the various phases of this health crisis, ensuring the mobility of citizens with the best conditions of hygiene and disinfection, contributing to contain the spread of the virus.