CP awards cafeteria and bar services on Alfa Pendular and Intercity trains to Newrail

CP - Comboios de Portugal announces that the cafeteria and bar service on Alfa Pendular and Intercidades trains has been awarded to Newrail - Restauração e Serviços Lda. This decision resulted from the resolution of the contract that CP had with Apeadeiro 2020, which led to the start of a procedure by imperative urgency on the ACINGOV platform to select a new company to provide the service.

The deadline for submitting proposals by interested companies ended yesterday, and Newrail - Restauração e Serviços Lda was notified today of the award.

CP has always been committed to solving this situation, acting by the law and taking all possible measures. It is essential to clarify that CP is also harmed in this long process, as it has always ensured the punctuality of payments for a service that was not adequately provided to its passengers, causing inconvenience to its customers and financial losses to CP.

CP hopes to normalise the situation in the coming days and thanks the understanding of all passengers and partners during this period. CP reaffirms its commitment to offering quality services, ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of its customers.