Almond Blossom Route brings together railway tourism and culture

A partnership between CP - Comboios de Portugal and Vila Nova de Foz Côa to promote the territory.

Discover the Douro region aboard a historical train and with a great view of the almond trees while tasting traditional sweets. This is the invitation of the oldest CP - Comboios de Portugal Tourist Route, the Almond Blossom Route.

In the 2023 edition, in partnership between CP and the municipality of Vila Nova de Foz Côa, the focus is on promoting the territory and bringing together rail tourism and culture. It is the first CP Route to be adapted to the new model of railway tourism.

The Route was presented yesterday at Centro de Alto Rendimento do Pocinho, with the presence of the Chairman of CP, Pedro Moreira, and the Mayor of Vila Nova de Foz Côa, João Paulo Sousa, who highlighted the historical importance of the Douro Line and of this region, which is World Heritage.
"These new CP tourist products aim at a new rail tourism policy and, at the same time, territorial cohesion", said Pedro Moreira, stressing that "this trip, on board the Miradouro train, is the most sustainable way to know and visit this region classified as World Heritage". CP's President also said that this experience was only possible "because CP's workers managed to recover the panoramic and historical carriages that had been abandoned".
"With the historical importance that the Douro line has for the whole Douro region and especially for the municipality of Foz Côa, the municipality, in partnership with CP, decided this year to reformulate the Almond Blossom Route programme and to design an exclusive touristic programme for Foz Côa", said João Paulo Sousa in the presentation of the Route.
"The municipality intends to seduce tourists who choose the railway to visit this part of the Upper Douro and see the natural spectacle of the Almond Trees in Blossom", he added.

Seven trips are scheduled. The journey, along the Douro Line, between Porto-São Bento and Pocinho, in Foz Côa, will take place every Saturday and Sunday between 25 February and 18 March.

Passengers can enjoy the almond trees in blossom and visit the Côa Museum, one of the largest Portuguese museums, which celebrates the meeting of two world heritage sites in the region: the Prehistoric Art of the Côa Valley and the Douro Wine Landscape.

This edition's great novelty is that passengers can taste typical hand-made regional sweets during the trip. On the outward journey, they will taste the famous "Fatias do Freixo", a delicacy first made in convents with a tradition of two centuries. These sweets are the 'heirs' of sponge cake and have been produced since 1819 by the Casa dos Lenteirões, using only eggs, sugar and flour. On the return trip, they will be able to taste the no less famous Caracas (or Doces do Freixo) from Marco de Canaveses, also produced by the Casa dos Lenteirões, which is committed to preserving the quality of its recipes and products, and whose sweets were a must at the kings' banquets.

Each round trip costs €49 for adults and €25 for children aged 4 to 12.