Special Needs Passengers

Appreciate and improve journeys for a more inclusive train

CP is commited to providing a free, universal mobility service (SIM - Serviço Integrado de Mobilidade), to help Special Needs Passengers they can request by phone or by filling in an online form. It is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, for information and to provide assistance.

CP received 1,284 requests for assistance in boarding and disembarking from trains in 2021. This number was lower than in 2019, possibly because of the pandemic.

CP has also has an agreement with the INR - National Institute for Rehabilitation, for many years so Special Needs Passengers can enjoy special ticket prices. In 2021, CP bore the cost of €219,671 with the transport of these passengers, a value that is also lower than in 2019 due to fewer passengers. Alongside this agreement, CP is also associated with the celebrations of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (3 December), offering trips to these passengers and respective companions.

To bolster these passengers' confidence in the service, CP created the figure of the Adviser for Special Needs Passengers, whose main job is to advise the Company on practices that defend and promote accessibility to CP services for all citizens with special needs, contributing to find access obstacles, and defining priorities in the adoption of measures that make mobility an acquired right. Lieutenant-Colonel António Neves has been CP's Advisor for Special Needs Passengers for 15 years.

CP also set up an Advisory Board for Special Needs Passengers in 2010, which includes several Associations - ACAPO, ADFA, APD, APS, CNOD, LIGA Foundation, INR, IP and ANMP -, along with the presence of the Adviser for Special Need Passengers to ensure permanent dialogue with those who effectively feel and are aware of the real mobility needs of these passengers.