European Year of Rail Transport

The European Union has designated 2021 as the European Year of Rail Transport.

Follow the events: http://www.euyearofrail.pt

The comparative advantages of rail transport compared with other modes of transport are obvious, and not only for tourists and passengers. Businesses can also enjoy the immense advantages of rail transport, particularly in the transportation of large quantities of goods, freeing up the roads from hundreds of lorries and decisively mitigating external costs.

It is green and sustainable, as much of the network is already electrified and emits far less CO2 than equivalent journeys by road or air.

It is responsible for only 0.4% of the EU's greenhouse gas emissions, whereas all other EU transport modes are responsible for 25% of the EU's total emissions.

Moreover, it is the only mode of transport, which between 1990-2017, has consistently reduced its emissions and energy consumption, increasingly using renewable energy sources.

It is affordable, comfortable, and is the safest means of land transport with the lowest incidence of fatal accidents.

Rail transport connects Europe and manages to unite us all, strengthening businesses and connecting our economies, being one of the densest rail networks in the world with around 200,000 kilometres.

For these reasons if:

  • You really want to make sustainability part of your business model in 2021, find out how travelling by train can help your company become more competitive;
  • Sustainability is a priority for you, take the train and commit to reducing your carbon footprint;
  • You thought railways were a thing of the past, travel with us, take care of the planet and let us show you the future.

We have reasons to celebrate!

Take an active part in the celebrations of the European Year of Rail Transport and celebrate them on board our trains!