We proudly present the new Alfa Pendular.

We have carried 26 million passengers and travelled 41 million kilometres. We want to go further with you so we have invested in your comfort to make you feel at home.

The leather seats are even more comfortable and designed for long journeys. The bar and toilets are more modern. We even have new lighting systems and an improved multimedia experience.

Have we told you we want you to feel as if you were in your own office space? We have boosted the Wifi access conditions and mobile communication networks and all the seats now have their own power sockets for charging your devices.

On the outside, the paint job and the signage have more modern colours in harmony with the country's landscapes: the green of the country and the tones of the cities.

We are proud to present the new Alfa Pendular and our commitment to progress and change. Apart for improving our trains, we are more aware of what you need, we are training our staff to welcome you so you keep coming back.

Confort class interior

Interior classe Conforto - Nova Geração Alfa Pendular ©AlmaDesign


Turística class interior

Interior classe Turística - Nova Geração Alfa Pendular ©AlmaDesign


Interior bar

Interior bar - Nova Geração Alfa Pendular ©AlmaDesign