MOBIL.T Project

Mobility and Ticketing for Multimodal Transport in Lisbon

The MOBIL.T project aims to harmonise the different ticketing systems in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area (AML), promoting intermodal mobility in a more integrated and accessible way, namely through the modernisation of equipment and the dematerialisation and integration of ticketing.

The whole information system should allow the passenger to choose the best mobility solution and it should be accessible, in an integrated way, to anyone who travels throughout the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, making the most of the potential of an efficient multimodal transport system.

This multimodal integration of public transport will improve the quality of service provided in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, in particular by promoting a fully integrated ticketing system and providing real-time information on the services available in the Lisbon region.

Based on the changes to be made to the ticketing system, it will be possible for any mobile-as-a-service operator to include the main public transport operators in its portfolio of mobile applications. The system will have the capacity to accept ticketing and payment systems in use in other European Union countries.

CP is participating in this project which is coordinated by OTLIS - Operadores de Transporte da Região de Lisboa, ACE.

This project is co-funded by the European Union’s Connecting Europe Facility.

Project title | MOBIL.T – Mobility and Ticketing for Multimodal Transport in Lisbon

Grant Agreement no. | INEA/CEF/TRAN/M2018/1790832

Action no. | 2018-PT-TM-0114-W

Regions involved | Lisbon Metropolitan Area

Leading entity | OTLIS – Operadores de Transporte da Região de Lisboa, ACE

Website: www.mobil-t.eu 

Start date | 2018-11-01

Date of completion | 2021-06-30

Total budget | EUR 20,979,190.00

European Union financial support | EUR 4 195 838.00