Comboio do Conhecimento (Knowledge Train)

Don’t miss this opportunity. Use your studies and discover Portugal.

Now that you are in the 1st year and for the 1st time in Higher Education, you have unlimited journeys for 7 consecutive days on Intercidades (2nd class), Regional, InterRegional and urban trains.

Get your voucher now, from June 28th to November 30th!

The Knowledge Train initiative is promoted by the Portuguese Government, through the governmental areas of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Planning and Infrastructures and Tourism.

You can count on the partnership of CP – Comboios de Portugal, General Direction of Higher Education, Higher Education Institutions, Students Association Movement, Ciência Viva – Agência Nacional para a Cultura Científica e Tecnológica (Living Science - National Agency for the Scientific and Technological Culture), Portugal Tourism and Globestamp.


The Knowledge Train is intended to all Higher Education Students who are enrolled in the 1st year and for the 1st time in a Portuguese Higher Education Institution – public or private – in Professional Technical Courses, Undergraduate or Integrated Master Courses, and who have a good school performance in the academic year of 2018-2019. Such students must be approved in at least:

a) 36 ECTS, if NC >= 36;

b) NC, if NC < 36; 

in which NC = number of ECTS in which the student must have been in enrolled during the aforementioned academic year.

Check the regulation here.

The voucher offers you unlimited journeys for 7 consecutive days, beginning on the day of its exchange, which can be done until December 25th at a CP ticket office. The journeys are valid for Intercidades (2nd class), Regional, InterRegional and urban trains.

To travel on the Lisbon Urban Trains, you just need an available Viva Viagem card, or buy one for 0.50 € (individual card – 1 card per person). Before boarding the train, you must always validate your ticket in the equipment for that purpose located at the stations (card readers or access control doors).

The proof that you are entitled to the special offer is shown during the inspection, upon presenting the voucher exchange receipt, an identification document and a ticket issued for the ongoing journey.

The voucher exchange must be made in a CP ticket office:

a) The Participants must say if they intend to travel on the Lisbon Urban Trains.

b) CP shall give the Participant a receipt that will serve as justification for the free issuing of the journeys.

c) The document must be kept throughout the journey.

The voucher and/or the receipt cannot be used as a ticket. The passengers must previously request the issuing of the train ticket(s) in the ticket offices, upon presenting the receipt – which was given to them at the time of the voucher exchange –, and the corresponding identification document.

The Viva Viagem card required to travel on the Lisbon Urban Trains must be bought by the Participant (0.50 €).

During the train journey(s), the voucher exchange receipt, the identification document and the ticket issued for the ongoing journey must be shown upon request.

The application period occurs until November 30th. You just need to fill in the application form available on www.comboio-conhecimento.pt.

After analysing your application, you will receive the decision through the e-mail in your form and, if you meet all the criteria, a voucher will be assigned to you.

Any further inquiries regarding this initiative should be made through the following contact: comboiodoconhecimento@dges.gov.pt

The voucher provides the Participant with a set of benefits attributed by Movijovem, namely:

a) Offer of the European Youth Card (digital format);

b) Offer of 6 nights’ accommodation in a shared room, with breakfast included, for the total price of €50, in any Youth Hostel of the continental network managed by Movijovem.

The Globestamp App is associated with this initiative and you can use it to plan your trip, record the best moments and earn points which enable you to get several discounts and benefits in hotels, restaurants and experiences all around the world.

To register on the App as a user associated with this initiative, and in order to benefit from the special use conditions, particularly awards, you need your:

a) voucher code;

b) name.