Beira Alta Line - replacement bus service on Regional trains - March 2 to May 31

CP informs that, due to construction works in the Beira Alta Line carried out by IP – Infraestruturas de Portugal, a replacement bus service will be provided to the Regional Trains 5420, 5421, 5422 and 5424:

From March 2 to April 10, from April 14 and 24 and 26 to 30, and from May 2 to 31

Train From To Replacement bus service* between: Bus timetable 
Regional 5420 Vilar Formoso 6:14 Guarda 6:58 Vilar Formoso and Guarda

Vilar Formoso: 5h30 
Aldeia: 5h40
Freineda: 5h47
Miuzela: 6h03
Cerdeira: 6h08
Rochoso: 6h18
Vila Fernando: 6h28
Gata: 6h43
Guarda: 6h55

Regional 5422 Vilar Formoso 9:16 Guarda 10:00

Vilar Formoso: 8h30
Aldeia: 8h40
Freineda: 8h47
Miuzela: 9h03
Cerdeira: 9h08
Rochoso: 9h18
Vila Fernando: 9h28
Gata: 9h43
Guarda: 9h55

Regional 5424 Vilar Formoso 15:29 Guarda 16:13

Vilar Formoso: 14h45
Aldeia: 14h55
Freineda: 15h02
Miuzela: 15h18
Cerdeira: 15h23
Rochoso: 15h33
Vila Fernando: 15h43
Gata: 15h58
Guarda: 16h10

From March 7 to April 5, and from April 18, 19 and 26, and from May 2 to 31 – on Saturdays and Sundays

Train From To  Replacement bus service* between: Bus timetable
Regional 5421 Guarda 12:01 Vilar Formoso 12:46 Guarda and Vilar Formoso

Guarda: 12h01
Gata: 12h13
Vila Fernando: 12h28
Rochoso: 12h38
Cerdeira: 12h48
Miuzela: 12h53
Freineda: 13h09
Aldeia: 13h16
Vilar Formoso: 13h26

*Stops regarding the stations:

Village – At the intersection accessing the village, near the Church;

Freineda, Miuzela, Cerdeira, Rochoso, Vila Fernando and Gata – At the intersection accessing the station.

No pets, bikes or wheelchairs can be carried on the replacement bus service.

We appreciate your understanding and we would like to apologise for any inconvenience. You can contact our Customer Care Line for any further questions - 707 210 220 (€0.10/min – land line | €0.25/min – mobile networks + VAT).